Talking drone can converse with air traffic control


Drones have the potential to deliver life-saving first aid equipment, help out in an humanitarian crisis or simply deliver the mail. However, none of this will be possible on a large scale unless the unmanned aircraft systems can find a way communicate their flight plans and whereabouts to other aircrafts and ensure the safety of the skies. Offering a potential solution, RMIT University in Australia has developed the world’s first talking drone, which can converse with air traffic controllers using a synthesized voice.

The talking drone system was developed alongside Thales Australia’s Centre for Advanced Studies in Air Traffic Management (CASIA), and UFA Inc — a software engineering firm. It utilizes ATVoice — an automated voice recognition and response software — which enables drones to respond verbally to information requests from air traffic control and to act on their clearances — mimicking the interaction between air traffic controllers and pilots.

You can watch the video below to learn more:

The creation of a system that gives drones autonomous capabilities is a critical step towards their integration into civil airspace. How else could drones communicate with other aircraft?


via Springwise


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